Friday, June 29, 2012

A review of Boston University Community Service Center Blog

Boston University

This website is about the community service center at Boston University. This blog stands out to me because my passion is helping others and a way I can do that is through community service. The website talks about all the community service and the stories behind the community service. It shows you how to register for the Global Day of Service if you attend Boston University. Boston University Global Service Day. It also states that even though it is summer the community service center rest, but who can blame them giving back is the best gift you can give for free. Boston University CSC. If you are interested in participating in this program you can check out the website, or if you just want to read up on it. Boston University CSC Blog.

Scholarship Success! The Road to my Scholarships!


  Scholarship Success is a great class in the fact that I am becoming a high school senior. This class is really helping me figure out my hidden talents in life and the road to my scholarship process. In this class we write essays about community service, our hidden talents and where we see our self in the future. I really like this class cause because it gets me thinking about what colleges is right for me and not just an image. I will keep these process and methods with me during my senior year. I will post my essays from the class and hope you enjoy.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A review of University of Georgia Sports Medicine.


from georgiadogs
This website is about the University of Georgia Sports Medicine. The link to the website is in the upper left hand corner of the blog in case you want to check it out. The website list out the overall mission of the UGA Sports Medicine Program.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A review of American Medical Society for Sports Medicine


This website is the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine. The website will come in handy for people who want to pursue a career as a Sports Medicine Physican such as me, and the people who are involved in the Amercian Medical Society for Sports Medicine. After veiwing this website you should consider to get high schools athletes screened for heart problems. The website stated that a 16 year old basketball named Wes died in Holland, Mic after making the winning basketball shot for his team. risk of high school athletes. My condolences goes out to Wes and his family. They also share post and updates about annual meetings that will be held. conference details. This site overall is very helpful to people in the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine. If you are intrested in joining or want to know more the link is at the the top left of my blog and and is right here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

University Of Georgia (Helpful Hints Review)

from UGA Admission BlogSport
  This website was an overview of everything you will need to learn about the University of Georgia. On the website you can find out the 2013 essay question for applicants who will be applying to the University of Georgia. This is really beneficial towards me because I am interestd in UGA and is consedering applying for the the 2013 fall semester. The website also is helpful because it post the ACT scores that you should try to make if you are thinking about applying to UGA. It sums up how the process works with the scoring and the total points you need for each section. UGA ACT score. This website overall was very helpful to me because it eased my process of applying. I already know what to expect when to apply to UGA.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Story Behind The Future Sports Medicne Doctor!

from smiley face
Every since I was a young boy my passion was to help others. Helping others made me feel valuable because I knew that I just put a smile on some one face. The passion for helping others made me come to the career choice of my dreams. My dream is to become a Sports Medicine Physician. This came to me because I was thinking to myself how can I help others get a second shot at life and the things they love to do. Then i thought to myself, athletes are always getting injured and some do not even go back to play sports. Then that is where I come in at. I can be that person to say I was the one who helped this athlete get a second shot at his/her career. I hope to work for a professional sports team no matter what sport it is. I plan to take my career international also and who know who ever is reading this or future athletes reading this I might be working with you one day!!
from sports medicine

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The passion within my heart !!

from professionalorganizerfinder.
Since a young boy I would always like to help people whether I knew them or not. This could be from holding doors, lending someone a pencil, or putting a smile on their face. Helping someone always my passion because life is to precious to sit around and be grumpy. My passion for helping others has droven to my career choice as a Sports Medicine Physcician. This is because if athlete is hurt or injured I can help be able to help have a second chance at their career!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Running With The Bulldogs (University of Georgia)

A freshman in High School and new to the environment of high school life. I knew that i was going to college, but did not know what college it would be. I was very interested in becoming a Doctor  and helping athletes stay in shape and/or helping with sports injuries. Therefore a Physical Therapy and/or Sports Medicine Physician.

 1. I searched schools that offered majors, programs, and/or degrees in Sports Medicine and/or Physical Therapy.

 2. Then when I seen the list of schools I choose a school from the state I would like to study which was from New York, California, Georgia, or Florida.

3. I seen the University of Georgia as on the schools and it seemed interested. Then I went to the website of University of Georgia Sports Medicine and seen the information. University of Georgia Sports Medicine

4. I then requested information about the University of Georgia from admissions and days later I received hand outs and a brochure from University of Georgia.

This how I came to the decision of University of Georgia as a college choice and plus the campus is nice. I will be running with the bulldogs sooner than later!

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